I reached a fitness plateau and tried Pilates to break through. It worked. Stronger, leaner, longer, taller and more mind-body-aware, I realized how Pilates translates into improved wellness in everyday life. Feeling better, reducing stress and providing a sense of focus were the reasons why I kept going back to Pilates and why I want to help others feel and perform their best.

A Nashville-based, NYC-trained Pilates instructor, I help clients improve overall strength, flexibility and mobility. I am certified by the Pilates Method Alliance and the Equinox Pilates Teacher Training Institute.

Focusing on safe, effective movement for a full-body workout with deep emphasis on the core, I customize approaches for each client, adapting the classical Pilates system to challenge individuals to reach and maintain their fitness goals.

As a certified Health Coach with the American Council on Exercise, I help people get well and stay well with tools and strategies for everyday healthy living.

My mission is to design personalized, customized wellness plans that combines easy-to-follow diet and exercise programs to achieve your health and fitness goals. Whether you're looking to lose weight, tone up, improve your golf game, get your pre-baby body back, increase energy or live a healthier lifestyle, I can help you make it happen

kelllysimmonshealth@gmail.com | NASHVILLE, TN