No more happy hour. Go to the gym. Done with sugar. Be a better person. Lose 10 pounds. Get healthy. 

Ugh. This is going to be hard. 

You're right. Making big, broad goals like these sets you up for failure. How do you measure "be a better person" and is it ever OK to skip the 6am gym session and hit snooze?

Research proves that setting smaller goals yields better results. Create goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound. The popular SMART goal-setting theory is popular because it works. Give it a try. 

Here are some examples of RESOLUTION SWAPS >>
OLD RESOLUTION >> I'm going to work out all the time.
NEW RESOLUTION >> I will spend 30 minutes on the treadmill four times this week.

OLD RESOLUTION >> I'm going to eat healthier. 
NEW RESOLUTION >> I will eat three servings of fruits and vegetables per day, three days this week. 

Small changes can make all the difference. Design your goals for success and you'll be motivated to keep going. 

Avoid resolution burn-out: start small. 

Avoid resolution burn-out: start small. | NASHVILLE, TN